Duck Pond Cooking – Applesauce in a crockpot

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Hey all,

It’s been a while but here we find ourselves in the fall season, which honestly is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is usually cool, the leaves are changing and the fall harvest is going on. In the northeast where I am, that means apple picking. I’m pretty lucky in that I have a few roadside farm stands near my house, but usually it isnt too hard to find a local farm or orchard close to your house. Its a great day out with the family, it shows the kids where at least some of their food is coming from, and you support small local farmers. I call that a win all the way around. Anyhow, with the abundance of apples, I wanted to try a new recipe this year, and for this one, I decided on applesauce. It ended up being pretty simple and easy to make. I only used three ingredients in my applesauce: apples, cinnamon, and about 1-1.5 cups of water. That’s it. No sugar or anything else. I even made a youtube video to show the process. Please check it out.


55 HOURS!!! Please help!

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55 HOURS!!! Ok all, we are coming down to the home stretch. If you’ve been waiting to contribute, you are almost out of time! Please give if you can. $1, $5, $10, or more. If you are unable to contribute, please re-share and ask your friends, family and coworkers to give if they can. Help a local small business get off its feet and be able to serve fantastic BBQ to the capital district.



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Just picked up 80 lbs of meat, pork shoulders and ribs. There will be a LOT of food coming out of the CJ’s test kitchen in the next few weeks as the food truck campaign winds up. But it’s not too late! If you want to get your hands on some of this scrumptious food before anyone else, head on over to our campaign page and make a contribution. There are all sorts of perks available: discounted food, an invite to our soft launch, a pig themed cake, and much more. We had a nice jolt forward over night and we would love to keep the momentum going! Please contribute, share or both. Thank you all for your continued support!

Half way through! And we need your help!!

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Hello folks.

Today marks the halfway point of the food truck campaign. 30 days are gone and 30 days left to go. Sadly we arent even close to halfway to our goal. I would ask each of you if you could to re-share the food truck campaign to your friends and families. I know a good many of you have tasted my food and know what I have to offer. I’d love to be able to do this full time with my cooking partner in crime Jess and be able to bring awesome homemade BBQ style food to people full time. As I’ve said before, I know money is tight for a lot of us. I do appreciate the re-shares as well, but if you find you have a couple bucks to spare, even ifg it’s just a dollar, please consider heading on over to our campaign and donating. There are a LOT of awesome perks over there.

To contribute, go here: CJ’s Food Truck Campaign

If you want to contribute in an alternate way, there are also the sales being run by Little Witch Soap Company and Chunky Funk and The Insatiable Hook, who are both contributing a portion of sales of their merchandise to the campaign. Head over to their pages to learn more 🙂

Hopefully there will be some new food pics up this week and also the initial menu is coming soon, with most of the entrees keeping with the Res-Q type theme. Please stay tuned.


Food Truck Campaign Update!!

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Hi all,

So, we are 1/4 of the way through, and I know we’ve been quiet for a few days on promoting the food truck campaign. This doesn’t mean we havent been working behind the scenes, preparing to be able to serve you the best BBQ and comfort food we can. We are also cultivating partnerships with other fantastic small businesses. As of right now, there are three ways you can help support us here at CJ’s ResQ BBQ.

1. Go to and donate. $1, $5, $10, $20 or more. Any money donated goes right to helping us get the truck off the ground and gets you access to some fantastic perks as the amount goes up.

2. Like treating yourself to some luxury? Well then by all means head on over to our partners @ Little Witch Soap Company and take a look at their selection of home made soaps and sundries. They have been gracious enough to offer our campaign $1 from each item sold through May 1st!! How can you beat that? You get a fantastically scented item that is great for your body, and you get to help bring great BBQ at the same time!

3. Looking for something to accessorize your outfit? Then head on over to Chunky Funk and the Insatiable Hook! They offer a wide variety of scarves, blankets and other fantastic crocheted items! From now until May 11th, they fine folk @ Chunky Funk are taking a whopping 25% of all new sales on existing stock and donating it to the campaign! What a way to keep yourself warm on the outside while CJ’s will keep you warm on the inside!!

We have more food menus items coming soon, including some of our vegetarian items for our non or limited meat friends. Please keep tuned in and thank you to all those who have already donated or shared the campaign with others. We appreciate it all!. And please keep sharing with your friends, family and anyone you think would love good BBQ and comfort food.

Chuck and Jess

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