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…I’m looking forward to this summer. June,  July, and August are going to be just as busy as it has been but some good stuff is coming up.

1. Requiem Games. I know this happens every month. But its a good time. And its something we look forward to.

2. 4th of July. We are going to a block party at a friend’s. It should be a blast.

3. Gamache/Molloy Pig Roast. This is my uncle and his wifes families reunion. I will get to see alot of my relatives that I dont get to see often. It’s going to rock.

4. Boston Beer Fest. We are hopfully heading there next weekend. If anyone wants to get together and drink, let me know.

5. Vacation.  I plan on taking a week off at some point this summer. I’m not sure when and what I’ll do, but I have the time and I’ll be taking it.

There are tons of other things on my plate, but I plan on making time to have fun and relax too. Life is too short not to.


5 things…

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…that I love about summer. With Memorial Day around the corner, it’s got me in the summer state of mind.

1. Cruising in the truck. It may not be economical but I love driving with the windows down and the radio up.

2. People wearing less clothes. From those out playing sports to those running or walking down the sidewalk, less clothes is a plus 🙂

3. Pools are open. And with pools come bathing suits. And hopefully skimpy bathing suits at that.

4. Cookouts. I love having people over and cooking some dead animal flesh on the grill or on the smoker. Add a couple drinks and you’ve got a winner.

5. More sunlight. Mostly just an excuse to stay out later and longer. And drink more. Hopefully at a baseball game!

5 things…

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.. I love about coming home from vacation. Since I was on vacation last week and posted things I like about going on vacation, i’ll now do what I like about being home.

1. My bed. There is no bed like your own bed and the first night of sleep after coming home always reminds you of that.

2. Being able to walk around the house naked if I want. I was staying with my sister while on vacation, so there was NO naked time.

3. My friends. I love getting to see my family, but my friends are part of my family too and I missed them while I was gone.

4. My truck. We were borrowing either my mom or gram’s car while we were on vacation. I’m happy to have my own back again.

5. My routine. Not neccesarily my job per se, but I like to have a routine. Not having a plan for my day gets old after a while. I know, Im weird.

5 things…

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…that I love about traveling. Since the wife and I are heading out of town later this week, this 5 things is about traveling.

1. Going to see my family. Most often when we travel it’s to see my folks who live about 950 miles away. We know the route pretty well whether we are driving or flying, but its always fun and always an adventure.

2. People watching at the airport. Especially when traveling to different regions of the country. Seeing how people interact with each other in different places fascinates me.

3. Seeing the world from the window of a plane. I am into model railroading, so anytime I get to fly its like im in my own little model world. Its given me some great ideas and thoughts for how to my make my own stuff better and more realistic.

4. The multicolor walkway in Detroit. I know I’ve mentioned it and shown pics in other posts, but I still love going through Detroit’s walkway between terminals. So peaceful and beautiful.

5. Going home. Traveling is fun and all, but I like going home just as much. There is no place I would rather live other than where we do right now. It’s home and there is no place I’d rather hang my hat.

5 things…

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..that I’m loving about my new Macbook Pro.

1) It’s shiny. Yes, that makes a difference.

2) I can use it unplugged and it doesnt shut off instantly. YAY!

3) HUUUUUUGE Hard drive space for loading every song I own. Yes, I am an audiophile.

4) No annoying Windows or Internet Explorer.

5) Seemless integration between apps and the web. Makes tasks SO much easier.

I’m so a fan, not that I wasnt before. I’m not quite fanboy level, but the Mac is pretty awesome.

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