Brain Droppings (9/28/12)

September 28, 2012 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Misc | 1 Comment

So, I used to do this a while back, posting snippets from my rambling brain. So lets see what we find in my A.D.D. brain today.

* It’s odd sometimes how your mp3 player seems to tailor itself to your mood. Whether its just coincidence or whatever, but today, mine is completely fitting my mood.
A sampling includes:

  1. I wish I could go back to college – Avenue Q
  2. Unconditional & I Cant Lie to Me – Clay Davidson
  3. Let Her Cry – Darius Rucker (or Hootie and the Blowfish depending on version)

* I’m sad. No definite reason why. Just am. Its stupid. I should know why.

* My mood directly correlates to how one of my LARP characters act. Liam is me, I am him. When I have a hard time of it, so does he. When I’m happy, usually he is too. Well as happy as a vampire can be.

* Regardless of how many times it gets damaged, I wear my heart on my sleeve, and i have a hard time cutting hurtful and selfish people from my life. Maybe its my fear I’ll end up like my dad. Ok, its not a maybe, it fucking TERRIFIES me that I’ll end up like him.

* I really would love to sing professionally in front of thousands of people. Or at least I’d love to give it a shot.

* On a related note, I really need to go out to karaoke soon. Maybe I’ll host at my house.

I think that’s all I have at the moment. Who knows, maybe there will be more later.

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  1. =hugs= you are not turning into your dad. and we should do karaoke soon. definitely.

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