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So the wife and I got up late today. We were up visiting friends in VT and didnt get home til about 5am. So, the wife is out making her “breakfast” and she says to come out to the kitchen quick with the camera. I figure the cat is doing something adoreable. So I have my short lens on, and he points out the back window. I look up the hill behind out house and see 4 deer. Here are a couple shots. I really wished I had my long lens on.


Interesting fact…

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While trolling Twitter today, I came across the SyFy Channel’s twitter. They posted the following:¬†Interesting fact came out of our ratings meeting today. If Jersey Shore aired on a broadcast network this week, it’d be #1 on ABC, NBC & CW

What does this mean? That more people watch dogshit television than watch ABC, NBC, or the CW. Really? People are down on rednecks but they watch this garbage? All Jersey Shore is, is rednecks with spray on tans.

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