Project 365 – Day 2

January 2, 2011 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Project 365 | 2 Comments

So, the wife and I were supposed to get alot more done today than we did. But after a while, we still got around to cleaning up part of the kitchen. Garbage taken out, boxes broken down and dishes done. We had some left over chicken so the wife suggested fajitas. I thought it was a great idea so she ran out to get some stuff we needed to finish them off. She got home and I cooked the chicken, peppers and onions while she did dishes. It had been a while since we both worked in the kitchen together. It was nice and I enjoyed our time together. I think we will both try to make it a priority to do it more often. Oh, and today’s picture, it is the product of said cooking.




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  1. Let me guess, from your iPhone right? I have the same problem with pictures showing up inverted for some damn reason that I can’t figure out!

    Dinner looks good, better if I turn my laptop upside down!

    • lol. Ipod touch, but same difference. You can tell i was getting tired though. I didnt even notice it was upside down!

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