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October 13, 2010 at 2:23 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I know it has been way too long between blog posts. This seems to be a usual occurance for me, I blog quite frequently then I go completely silent. I think this time it was about 3 months. Most of you that read this blog follow me on Twitter, so you all know for the most part whats going on.

In case you dont, lets do a little wrap up here. For the past 11 years, I have worked for a nationally known health insurance company. I have had a couple positions here and just as many managers and organizational restructures. Its not a spurprise in a company this large. However, a few months back, after the last re-organization, all of the teams in IT were shuffled. I ended up on a team that worked with an application called BPM/FileNet. I’m not going to bore you all with the details of it, but lets just say its a long way from the type of coding and programming I was doing.

I tried giving it a shot, but I just couldnt do it. I mean I could handle the job and actually doing the job, but my heart just wasnt in it. I went from coding to drag, drop, and, configure. For instance, I spent 6 hours today doing the following: ALT+TAB, CTRL+C, ALT+TAB, CTRL+V, repeat until carpel tunnel sets in. Horribly mind numbing. Also since we support business clients, when they do implementions,they have to be when users arent on the system. What that means is Friday nights and weekends. Yeah.. Fuck that. I have a hard enough time fitting stuff into my personl life without work interferring with it.

My company likes to claim its priority is a good Work/Life balance. Yeah, that is of course unless it conflicts with their goals. Then you are reminded that you are their bitch and they are paying you to work. During last months implementation, a coworker was on a call from 9pm EST through 3 am EST. And thats after working at least 8 hours that day. And he had to get a few hours of sleep and get back up for a checkout call on Saturday. Again I say.. Fuck. That.

So, a month or so again, I started looking for a new job. After a few disappointments, i got an interview with one. They seemed to like me and the job would be a great fit for me. So i left pretty excited. A few days later, they called and offered me the job. I was speechless, well.. almost. I told them that I just needed to talk to my wife and then I would let them know. I was pretty sure I knew what she would say, but I wanted to make sure.

A few hours later, with her verifying the thumbs up, I both called the new place to tell them I would take the position and contacted my current manager to let him know I would be putting in my two weeks notice.

Anyhow, the point of telling that entire story is getting to this. In 2 days and 10 minutes of this posting, I will have my exit interview with a company I have been with for 11 years. I am both scared and excited. I’m not sure what the future will bring, but its a new start and that gives me hope. Hope for more free time, hope for more blogging, and hope to finally be doing what I went to school for and what i WANT to be doing.

In closing, if you follow me on twitter, Friday night may be an interesting night as I am heading out to karaoke with a bunch of friends and plan on getting absolutely obliterated. And breath easy, I have a designated driver so while I may annoy you all relentlessly with drunken tweets, I will be around the next day to apologize for them.

Talk to you all soon. Oh and if someone could mow around here, it would be appreciated.


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  1. 🙂 So glad that you’re moving in a new and exciting direction. The anticipation of a new adventure can be a bit overwhelming…but you know that you made the best decision.
    Be careful what you say in your exit interview though…as tempting as it is to go off on the redundancy and crap of your current job, that reference can totally come in key later on. (and I’m sure you know that, but I just figured I’d feel better if I actually said it lol)

  2. Thanks hun. Yeah, I don’t want to burn any bridges. My manager is listing me as ok to rehire, so i’d like to keep it that way. I dont plan on coming back, but you never know what the future may hold.

  3. lol @ “absolutely obliterated” … babe we had a much tamer night than any of us expected.. next time we really need to work harder at this!

    • I know! They made the drinks too strong. Was hard to overindulge. Next time!

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