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I know I havent posted much, but here is a character background I’ve been working on for a Vampire LARP I am part of. Enjoy.

Jaegar was born in 1877 in Evansville, Indiana. He was the only son of Anton and Ursela Hertz. Anton worked hauling and laying track for the Evansville and Terre Haute Railroad while Ursela took young Jaegar with her as she worked as a day laborer picking corn in the nearby fields. Neither earned much money but all they had they used to make a better life for Jaegar, including enrolling him in school when he was age instead of letting him work in the fields or for the railroad. Even though they could have used the money, both parents insisted Jaegar learn the language of both their old and new homes, believing education would keep Jaegar from having to work as hard as they did.

As Jaegar got older, like most children are known to do, he began to rebel against his parents. He didn’t see the value of education that his parents did. More and more of his schoolmates left school either to work in the fields, the railroad, or, for the traders along the Ohio River developing the blossoming river trade. And as of more of his classmates left, the more he would see them around town, and the more they began to taunt and tease him for being a “proper schoolboy” and that he was now “too good” for them. Jaegar tried to prove that he was still just like them but the harder he tried, the more they would tease and chide him.

And the teasing continued even after Jaegar finally got out of school. Jaegar’s father, who had many years in now at the railroad, got him a job in the office doing record-keeping for incoming and outgoing railcar manifests. Anything that came in or went out Jaegar oversaw it. But being in the books, those he went to school with who were now working in the yards breaking their backs saw it as a cushy job and mocked him whenever they passed him. Before long, this began to really anger Jaegar. Most nights Jaegar, ranted and raved to his father, wanting him to put in a word to get Jaegar a job working in the yard, so he could prove his worth to his peers. His father adamantly refused, stating that he broke his back in the yard so his son wouldn’t have to.

Eventually Jaegar, got tired of arguing with his father and went directly to the yard boss and made his request to switch jobs. Jaegar even slipped a $100 bribe in the yard boss’ pocket so he would promise not to tell Jaegar’s father until after Jaegar had proved himself. A few weeks went by and Jaegar excelled in his new position, impressing everyone he worked with. The peers who had been mocking him not long ago were now happy to be working side by side with him. After a month, Jaegar figured he had been keeping his secret from his father long enough and decided to tell him that night when he visited his parents for dinner.

Anton listened to his son calmly as he explained what he had done and how long he has been working in the yard. When Jaegar was finished, Anton told his son that he was disappointed in his son. Not for going behind his back and talking to the yard boss but for that he bribed the man into keeping his secret. Jaegar lost his cool and one of the worst fights erupted between the father and son. Ursela tried to intervene but to now avail. Anton ended up walking out of the house so he and Jaegar could cool off so that neither would say something that would irreparably damage their relationship.

Jaegar paced around his parents living room, enraged that his father would not be happy for him and then for walking out in the middle of their argument. Ursela did her best to explain to her son that his father just wanted the best for him and that Anton in fact had been having severe back problems the last few months from all the years working in the yard. Anton just didnt want Jaegar to have to go through that pain. Jaegar calmed and as he did he regretted the argument and that he was too pigheaded to hear his father out.

Jaegar left the house and began to search the town, trying to find his father. A few of the railyard workers he ran into told him that his father liked to sit in the yardboss’ porch overlooking the yard when he was on break. Jaegar rushed off toward the yard to find his father.

As he approached the yard, he immediately spotted a figure on the high platform and smiled rushing over. He had almost reached the base of the stairs, Jaegar heard a muffled scream and looked up at the platform. He now saw two shadows above him for a moment before crumbled forward, tumbled over the rail and fell the 50 feet to the hard dirt below. Jaegar knew in an instant it was his father. Screaming, Jaegar ran around the structure skidding to his knees, his eyes already streaming with tears.

As Jaegar cradled his father in his arms, weeping, he could feel the hilt of a dagger, buried in his fathers back, pressing against his leg. His father was dead within moments, the massive bloodloss covering them both. One of the night security guards heard Jaegar’s wails and called for the police. There was an investigation, but no one was ever arrested, only a vague description that was distributed to the town but no leads came of it.

The next few moths were rough on Jaegar and Ursela. Jaegar fell into a deep depression and at his mothers begging, moved back in with her. It was also as her pleading that he went back to work in the railyard. It was rough though, each morning he would walk by the spot where he had held his father and watched the life run out of him. Each time, Jaegar could feel a piece of him slipping away, falling to anger. He sought out the local gunsmith and began to train in firearms. Jaegar believed if only he had been armed that night, maybe he could have shot the shadowy form before he killed Anton.

Jaegar’s favorite weapon became the rifle. He would load and pack it for hours, firing and honing the sight until he almost never missed. People in town began to talk of his prowess and crowds would gather when Jaegar walked to the range for practice. But no matter how accurate he was, jaegar never shot anything other than a large man shaped shadow, claiming that aiming at anything else would taint his eye.

Years passed and the sting of his father’s passing faded, but Jaegar’s religious training with the rifle never wained. Everyday after his shift in the railyard, which he kept as a tribute to his father, he would go to the range and work on his shot. One afternoon, around quitting time, the yard boss approached Jaegar and told him that the evening security man had come down with a sickness and asked if he wouldnt mind taking the evening shift. Jaegar agreed, and after securing the yard when the men left, he began to make his rounds.

Shortly after midnight, Jaegar had become bored since there was nothing going on in the railyard. He had to shoo off a few kids with a bottle of their daddy’s stolen moonshine, but that was about it. As he patroled the yard, the tower with the yardboss’ porch kept drawing his eye. In the years since his fathers death, Jaegar had all but avoided looking up at the tower. But tonight he had his rifle on his back and he began to think what a good place it would be to check out the power of his sight. The platform was the highest structure on this side of town and the view was astonishing.

Slowly he climbed the stairs, pushing fear and anger aside as he ascended each metal step. Once he reached the top and looked out over the rail, any hint of negative emotion was gone and the exhileration of the view overtook him. Jaegar could see all the way to the other side of town, dimly lit by lamp posts and random hearthfires throughout the town. However, the exhileration did not last long as in the distance he could see a figure atop one of the train cars. He had not seen the figure in years but was sure in an instant of who it was. He had dreamed that he would be able to avenge his fathers death, but not in a million years did he think he would actually get the chance. He pulled the rifle from his back and took the figure into his sight. He leaned forward slightly, wanting to get as near the target as possible, leaving as little distance for the bullet to travel as he could. So intent was Jaegar that he never heard the rail creak and then a moment later give way.

Jaegar only felt pain for a moment as a he impacted the ground, fracturing one of the ribs in his back and punctured his right lung. Instead of letting out a scream, the best Jaegar could do was a hoarse whisper. Suddenly a man leaned over him, sliding a hand under Jaegar and pressed against the wound. The man bent down and whispered in his ear. “I’ve been watching you. I’ve seen what you can do with that rifle. I have a proposition for you. I’ve been watching you with your rifle, seen the dedication you have given to it. I can make you better, of course there are conditions. I can help you get him, or I can let you lay here and you can join your father. You can either nod yes, or shake your head no. Make your decision.”

As he feels the life slipping out of his body, Jaegar knows there is only one decision, one choice, one way to go. With the last of the energy in his body, he nods his head yes. The man leans down and Jaegar blacks out.

Jaegar wakes a few days later. There are no windows in the room he is in. It is dim and the only light is from a set of candles on the mantle on the other side of the room. There is a man sitting next to the bed and it all comes flooding back. Jaegar bolts upright and begins to question the man. The man raises his hand and oddly, Jaegar falls silent. “Everything will be explained,” the man says. “My name is Silph. Here is what happened…”

Silph goes on to explain kindred, clan, covenants and the rest of what a Vampire should be taught about themselves. As Jaegar listens, plans begin for form in his mind, plans of finding the shadowed figure who killed his father and almost caused his own death. Silph explains a good many things to Jaegar that night and in the nights to come. Yes, Jaegar thinks, this will work out just fine.

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  1. Awesome job, babe! *wonders if Jaeger needs a ghoul* =giggles=

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