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May 24, 2010 at 10:58 am | Posted in life | 1 Comment

It’s Monday and as usual I have meetings at work, so it gives me the perfect time to update everyone on the goings on around the duck pond.

Friday I had my usual meetings but my gf was looking at a car that night so she took the day off from work and came over to the house to spend it with me. And of course like most times when she comes over, it isnt long before she and I are stripped down and going at it like some sort of animals in heat. And apparently I have a kink about fucking when I am on a conference call for work. With the phone on mute of course! There is something hot about being deep inside someone you care about while trying to remember what requirements you are supposed to provide the customer for their project. And then add on top of that your partner squeezing her muscles on you, stealing your attention.

So we made it through the day with multiple conf calls and multiple orgasms. The wife came home and the three of us chatted a bit before the gf and I headed out to look at what would hopefully become her new car. It went well and she should have it this week. It will need some repairs but it should get her around well enough.

We then went to the mall to do some shopping, as we both needed to pick up stuff for ourselves and the wife needed some things too. We then stopped by Joann’s as the gf needed some yarn and such for the jewelry she makes (which is gorgeous btw, if you want some good handmade jewelry, mail me and ill hook ya up).  I dropped her off at home and then headed home myself. Hung with the wife for a bit then we headed to bed.

Saturday morning started out pretty slow. The wife had to hit the bank and other than that we just kind of hung around the house, did laundry and packed for our trip to Rutland that night. Normally our Vampire LARP game would have been the weekend before, but it got pushed back, which for us worked out better anyhow. We left about 3, picked up our friend C and headed out. We had a fantastic time at game like usual. It was a small gathering this time, but we had a blast.  On the way home, i started getting the spotty vision that indicates a migraine, so I took some advil and let the wife drive the rest of the way. Thankfully I caught it early enough where I didnt get sick, still i took more advil when we got home and passed out around 3am.

I woke up a few times during the night to go to the bathroom and finally got up for good around noon on Sunday. I had managed to stave off the worst of the migraine but still was a bit achy in the head. So i shambled downstairs, took my meds and flopped on the couch. I didnt do much other than watch the Sox game and Mythbusters on tv and hack on the net working on LARP stuff. We ordered out for dinner and just sacked out.  Thats about it.

Today the wife has an ultrasound as a followup to her medical issues we dealt with last week. We should know for certain what is going on with her and what the course of treatment will be. But of course with the area that is going to be investigated, sex wasnt allowed. Well, me finishing in her wasnt. Because as i was waking up this am, it was to first a hand and then a mouth on my manhood. She then giggled and flopped in bed next to me. You think i was going to let her get away with that? Hell no, I climbed on top of her and fucked her till she was about to come and then stopped, with the agreement that we would finish tonight as long as she felt up to. I love that woman. With all that I am.


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