More Changes…

May 18, 2010 at 1:59 pm | Posted in change, life | 3 Comments

A lot of things have been going on here at the Pond as of late. Not that should be a shock to anyone, it seems like most of my posts say that in one form or another. But lately alot more major life changes seem to be happening or at least beginning.

On the good front, I made a giant leap forward this past weekend connecting with my father’s side of my family. It had been a long while since i had seen most of them, since my wedding five years ago at least, but in recent months through Facebook, we had all gotten added to each others friends lists. Then late last week my cousins R and J both pinged me and invited me to a cookout at their dads house. The wife and I went and had a great time. There is another family cookout planned for August and we will def be there. Its funny how the 6-8 years of age between me and the cousins doesn’t seem as large as it used to. I wish I hadn’t missed to much of it.

On other fronts, there are various things happening. I talk to my mom a few times a week and each time how my gram is doing. Usually not well is the answer I get back. She is in her mid eighties and all things considered it could be much worse. But the days ahead seem relatively free. I am already bracing for the day when that call comes. When mom calls unexpectedly, I feel my chest tighten in worry. I handled the death of my grandfather well, I am not so optimistic when God calls Gram’s name.

Closer to home, for those that don’t know, I took the wife, N, to the hospital over the weekend. She was having sever abdominal pain, cramps and intense vomiting. The PA in the hospital chalked it up to a bad stomach bug made worse by N’s period. However there are still some ongoing tests and things they found that need to be looked at in other areas. I dont want to go into them yet as we arent sure of the exact nature of whats going on or treatment, but it could be explaining alot of other things.

We shall see where this road leads…


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