Adult Toy Review #1 – Ultimate Multi-Function Massager Couples Kit

May 14, 2010 at 8:24 am | Posted in review, sex toy | 1 Comment

California Exotics The Ultimate Multi-Function Massager Couples Kit

A while back my wife and I were in our local head shop/adult toy store and were looking for something we could primarily use together. While looking around we saw the “California Exotics The Ultimate Multi-Function Massager Couples Kit”. It looked fantastic on sight but looking at the price, we weren’t sure since it was one of our first big sex toy purchases. But we figured looking at it, it should be good for as long as it lasted.

The result was.. well.. I’ll get to that. The Kit comes in a nice metal tin with all the pieces in a formed plastic holder so that none of the pieces were loose or rattling around. You get the main unit which has buttons for two separate sets of bullets. The main unit fits comfortably in the hand and the settings are very easy to read.

(Shown here with my Blackberry case to compare size. )

As mentioned, it comes with two sets of bullets, each set having two bullets, so that’s up to 4 bullets of vibrating goodness.  The cords were nice and long so they are easy to reach various body sizes and heights.

Also in the package are various interchangeable stimulators, which lock onto the bullets so there is little chance of the stimulators coming off in the heat of passion. The nipple clamps are well made and adjustable so they can be customized to your individual preferences. It also comes with a jelly cock ring that has room for two of the bullets. So this is definitely a setup for either men or women.

Operation of the unit is very easy. There are 10 different vibration settings with each one shown on the box. There is a great variety, not just steady or pulse but some that ramp up, ramp down and other combinations there of. We popped in the 4 AA batteries that are needed. Once we pressed the up button, the unit roared to life. Each set of bullets is controlled by a separate set of buttons, so set 1 can be on one setting and set 2 can be on another. Let me say, that feature rocks, especially if stimulating different areas of the body. The on indicator light is also easy to read. Green is a gentle vibration, yellow is medium and I am told by the wife and gf, red is holy crap!

The kit has been used many times, by us together and separately. And the consensus is the same. We are so glad we bought it!

The only real negative to this package are the wires can be a bit fragile if you tend to get a little rough. We were putting it away one day in the metal case and crimped one of the cords under the lid  of the box and it broke the connection. I havent had a chance to fix it yet, but it still kicks some ass with only 3 working. In fact, the wife calls it “The Beast”.

Pros: Powerful, multiple bullets and attachments, multiple speeds

Cons: Cords are a little thin and fragile depending.

Result: This unit is a must buy if you are looking for an intro unit that you and your partner can use together. I give it 4 horny ducks.

If you are interested in purchasing one, it can be found on Amazon here. You can read more about it at Cal Exotics site here.

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  1. Great review, bro! Yeah, you have to be careful with those little cords. Stripping, splicing, and a little electrical tape should fix it, though. I’ve played around with mixing and matching old toys with hubby’s electrical toolbox.

    You know, you could always join some affiliate programs and make some money off your reviews:

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