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They say people change jobs on average about every 10 years or so. What people said that? I have no idea. I’ve just always heard it. It could be complete bullshit for all I know. But, taking it as not BS, it’s been on my mind lately. It seems like every day I wake up tired, take my time showering and getting dressed and usually end up late getting to the office. My boss works in a different office about 175 miles away. And I know this is not a reason to drag my ass into the office late, but I can get away with it so I do.

So… assuming I could afford to leave and do something else, what would I want to do? What would I be good at? Well lets look at the options.

Option 1: The job that would probably make me near the money I’m making now AND that I’m qualified to do is Funeral Directing. I passed my national boards coming out of college, So i’d probably only need to maybe do the state ones and then find a job. People are dying all the time, so I wouldnt think it should be too hard. But there was a reason I didnt do it in the first place. The constant aura of death would be too much, plus adding in the smell and the possibly shitty hours. Ok, no option 1.

Option 2: The only other thing I’m qualified to do is web design. I have a degree in it. And I did pretty well in my classes too. But I suck at cold contacts and after seeing the work that others in the business are putting out then looking at my own, its almost depressing. I could work contract work or for someone else, but the pay would be such a decrease, I couldnt live on that or support the wife. Ok.. option 2.. your fucked.

Option 3: A Musician/Singer. *Laughs* Yeah right, moving along.

Option 4: As some of you may notice from older posts, I like to think of myself as a photographer. In reality, for the most part, I’m just another guy with a camera that does more than he will ever understand. F-stops and aperature? Ive read all the books and I still cant keep it straight in my head. And with my new Mac,  I dont have the $700 for photoshop to fix the mistakes I make when taking the photo.  And could I really make enough to survive? Prolly not. Option 4, sorry, missed the shot.

Option 5: When I was younger, I worked in a restaurant for a number of years. I did everything from dishwasher, delivery, cook, waiter, supply orderer. I think of all the alternate jobs I’d want, this one is probably the strongest. I know I could do a good job and fill a niche that is lacking in my area. But I have enough bills and loans already with just our regular living expenses. And in this economy, restaurants are folding more frequently than they already normally do. This one seems the most like a pipe dream. So a restaurant, it goes up in flames.

So, those are my top 5 options. None are really feasible. So that means I just suck it up, come in every day and do whats asked of me (not that I wouldnt anyhow). I know, I’m lucky to have a job as it is. I just wish it was one that I still enjoyed as much as i did 6 years ago when i started.


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  1. Heh. I should do a post about this – and all the job changes I have done in the last, umm, well, since I turned 18. 🙂

    I like Option 5. Maybe you should go into business with the Man. 🙂


    • *pulls all the money out of his pocket* Ok.. i got 8 dollars and change. The Man better be loaded.. lol

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