Nofauxxx Roulette Review

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I did this review as a guest spot for the awesome Margaret a few months back.

Nofauxxx Roulette Review
From the Opening event PR: “These drastically different scenarios are authentic documents of queer sex, culture, and desire, proving that queerness is “as hard to define as it is to ignore.”

I found each scene to be very unique, erotic and highly pleasurable in different ways. I have to be honest and say that this was my first time enjoying a queer feature and I can honestly i say I enjoyed it. The scenes were shot well but definitely in a more amateur style. Not poorly, but like a friend was there sharing in the experience. Thats how each scene make me feel, like the performers were allowing you a glimpse into their personal life. And the performers themselves are fantastic. All of them are fantastic in their own right, a welcome change to alot of the performers you find in mainstream porn.

Scene One opens with Ceci Dolores and Kenji. Ceci is trying on outfits trying to entice Kenji for the nights plans, with little reaction. Kenji finally comes over, suggesting they stay in instead. What happens next is real, intimate and very sexy.

Scene two stars Cyd, who breaks into his wrestling teammates locker, who he obviously has an affection for, and while going through his things makes a stunning discovery. Wrapped in an orange pouch, he finds a glass dildo and lube.

Scene Three features Walter and Nikolaj, two punk boys, drinking 40’s and finding some alone time on top of a building. Walter you may remember from a previous scene from Nofauxx called “Fuck the DJ”. Here he and Nikolaj heat up the rooftop and put on a show for anyone watching  to enjoy.

Dia (who some may recognize from the Ultimate Surrender series) is the star of scene four. She breaks into some unsuspecting souls home and treats herself (and us the viewer to a milk bath. Watching all that white liquid pour over her tanned skin was quite a pleasure.

The fifth scene is Gangbang, with Jiz Lee, Donny, Rozen and Trouble. After some kissing on the bar and bottle insertion, things really get wild as X gets brought to multiple orgasms on the pool table. Not your typical night at the pub.

Scene six with is the Red Light Special with Syd. Using multiple toys and her fingers, she brings herself to orgasm, proving you never know what might be going on on the other side of the peep show divider.

The coup de grâce is Scene seven with Milo and Cole. This was my favorite scene on the disc.  We join them in the middle of their coital bliss and get to enjoy the girls switch as they take turns pleasuring the other.

The only thing that threw me off slightly was that between some of the scene were music videos from various artists like Erase Errata, Katastrophe, and Scream Club. The music was good but just seemed to take me out of the moment going from one scene to the next. But on DVD, its not too hard to skip over them in the heat of the moment and go back to listen to them in the afterglow.

Overall I give it a Solid B+. Great performers, a fitting sountrack and a good variety of camera angles. I’d say its a definitely get for fans of queer porn and even for some who aren’t fans. After seeing this flick, you might be.

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