Another Year Gone

February 25, 2010 at 12:59 pm | Posted in new year | Leave a comment

I’ve now turned 32. It doesn’t seem like its been that long. It seems like only yesterday I was the new kid in town.

Wasn’t it only yesterday I was a fresh faced kid graduating HS? Nope. 14 years ago in June.

It wasn’t just yesterday that I graduated college and got married the first time? No, that’s 12 years ago in June.

Hell, wasnt it only yesterday I got married to my 2nd wife? No, that will be 5 years ago in April.

A lot of things are in my rear view mirror. Here’s a recap of what’s passed in the last year.

*I got to see the Pacific Ocean. I can now say I’ve seen both coasts and the Gulf Of Mexico. It was oddly satisfying.

*I got to meet the awesome and fantastic Twitter friend Margaret and her family.  I ❤ them alot and can’t wait to be able to bring the wife out to meet them. They are good people. 🙂

*I got back into Vampire LARP after a number of years. I love the troupe I am with and have met some fabulous ppl from it. And the wife does it too and really enjoys the interaction.

* The wife and I spent 4th of July in Boston. It is one of my favorite cities and got to see a Red Sox game and the fireworks over the Charles River. Sitting there with her, watching the fireworks, prolly the 3rd best day of my life.

* Met one of my best friends and pet Sandy. She has helped me explore myself alot and i owe her much for that. She and I have had some rough patches, but we are working on making it stronger coming out the other side. I ❤ her too. Bunches. 🙂

* I’ve met a ton of wonderful folks on Twitter. There are too many to name individually, but I think they know who they are. They all enrich my life and make for a supportive crew.

*I celebrated my 10th year here at my job. How the hell I’ve managed to pull that off I have no idea. But 4 positions and I’m still here. Who’d have thought? Certainly not me.

So thats the major stuff.  I’m sure that I’m forgetting a bunch, but thats how senility works. It’ll come to me sooner or later.

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