A New Me

February 1, 2010 at 11:52 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

They say an addict needs to hit rock bottom before they can see that they need to get help and change their lives. While its different for everyone, it has to happen.  Yesterday was my rock bottom. Not for drinking or drugs or anything like that, but for my health in general.

I’ve been heavy all my life. Well, maybe not all. Since like age 12ish. I over-eat. And i dont exercise enough. Both of these are my fault. I have no one to blame them on but myself. And they have impacted my life enough. I have decided i WILL make a change. I WILL start working out. I WILL start eating better. This WILL be the most I’ll ever weigh. And I WILL do it for me but also for those around me that love me, but mostly for me.

There. Its in writing. I’ve asked my friend Margaret to be my Drill Sargeant, to kick me in the ass when needed and keep me focused at the task at hand. It was alot to ask of her but she agreed and I thank her with all my heart for it. I am going to make a sidebar widget to keep track of my progress. Look at me now people, this is the most of me you will ever see again.



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  1. Proud of you! Walking beside you on your journey! ((you))

  2. You go girl. Or…guy. you know what I mean, right? I’m here to give you support!

    • Thanks Sam. Im sure ill need the support. 🙂

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