The Last Week Pt. 1

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So, its been about a week since I last posted. As most of you know, I spent most of the week in California. My company thought it would be a good idea to pay me to go 2500 miles away, with minimal supervision. Suckers. The training went well, I learned a lot about the software application they were training us on. And of course, I did some sightseeing, because i was in SF and there is at some really awesome stuff to see.

Monday we got up early and got to the airport around 4:30 am for a 6am flight. Who is we you ask. Oh, the company did give me a little supervision in my coworker D who works in our Middletown office. So D and i flew out and after a short layover in Detroit, we arrived in SF just before noon. After figuring out where the hell we were going (and being threatened with a ticket for sitting in a restricted zone, D and I found our way to Round Table pizza. My friend Dave had told me about them during his time living in San Diego, so we figured we would give it a shot. Was pretty good.

Next we decided to hear towards Fisherman’s Wharf since we had tickets for a 4:20 tour of Alcatraz. We walked around, I snapped a ton of pics (, bought some stuff and had an overall good time, except I wore the wrong sneakers and got some small blisters on my feet, but manageable ones.  The time came and we queued up for the Alcatraz tour. I was simply blown away. Walking through the cell blocks, eating area and grounds, you couldn’t help but be awed by the magnitude of the place.

After the tour, we got a call from G who was the other guy from work going to the training with us. So we loaded intot he car and swung by the airport to pick him up and then headed to the hotel. I had never stayed an an Embassy Suites before. It was pretty swanky for a kid from the sticks.  I think we ordered room service that night. Bacon Cheeseburger and fries. Yuminess.

Tuesday was relatively uneventful. Training from 9-5. Took a suggestion from our trainer about a place to eat. It was mediocre at best and over priced. I’m glad my company reimburses for meals. Then back to the hotel for some web surfing and to bed.

Weds was the day I looked forward to most of the whole week. I woke up ecstatic for that evening. I was going to geet to meet the awesome Margaret and her family. She and I have talked on twitter, via text, and once on the phone. That was after I returned her call and was no longer a bitch. 🙂 But first another day of training that went pretty well. I grasped most of the content pretty well not all, but most. Of course most of the day was spent watching the clock for 5pm.

So they picked me up at the hotel and we were off. After parking we went and saw an antique arcade which was really interesting. Seeing the wonder on the boys’ faces was just precious. Then we left there looking for something to eat. We walked towards fishermans wharf and ended up doing some shopping first, well margaret did. So after taking some pics we wandered on. We had seen a johnny rockets on the way down and started making our way back to eat there.

We got to the front door to find a sign stating they were closing early that night (like 7pm! Really?). So we walked further down and found a McDonalds. Since both the boys would eat food they had there, we all piled inside and ordered. Its been very rarely I am so at ease with new people, but we sat and talked and ate like we had known each other for a long time.  But like all days, it had to come to an end. So we walked back to the van and headed back to the hotel.

On the way T, asks if i want some pics of the Golden Gate Bridge at night. “Ummm duh!” was my response. So we pull off in a rest area over looking the bridge and took some shots. None I was happy with but T and Margaret got some good ones. Then again we piled into the van and made it back to the hotel. Margaret, T and I then talked for another 20 mins or so before we finally said our goodnights and parted ways.  A fucking great day.

Thats all for now, as I’m going to work on part 2. Im not sure how much of theose days events will make it in, but we shall see.

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  1. Jealous! But so glad although it was a work trip, it was a good trip for you!

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