Brain Droppings (12-9-09)

December 9, 2009 at 9:58 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

So I’m ripping off George Carlin here a bit with the blog title. I’ve decided this is what im going to call my blogs when I’m just going to spew out random thoughts I’ve been having, ruminations, as Aaron Karo puts it (Check Karo out, he’s a funny fucker).

  • Not that others don’t but I hate drama. HATE it. And like most of us, it seems to come in cycles. Mine’s been on the high end of the cycle lately. It blows.
  • It’s finally confirmed!! I am heading to Cali in January. Near San Francisco. It should be a blast. Meeting a twitter friend and her family along with some other sightseeing. I think I’m almost more excited for that than Christmas.
  • I am never in more awe of the universe than when a random event leads you to meeting new friends. I’m generally a believer in that things are meant to happen when they are. But sometimes it seems like random event lead to new friends and relationships and its fucking spooky.
  • I’m very thankful for my job and the things it has provided for me. I’m especially thankful today that it allows me to work at home and not have to brave the nasty roads outside. I did actually attempt to, almost did a doughnut in the intersection and thought, “This might not be a good idea” and came home. My boss was cool about it.
  • Im not a huge fan of phone conferences. I realized that last week. OUt of 12 hours spent in this one set of meetings, I spoke for a collective 5 minutes. Thats like .4%. Now while i know its not always about me, this seems a bit much, no?

And here is a pic of what it looked like outside my door this am.

snow outside my door

Looking out my front door.


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    1. I’m really glad I don’t live where you live. The snow is cool for like, five minutes, and then I don’t like it.


      • I really dont mind it. Its inconvenient at times. But I honestly wouldnt want to live anywhere else.

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